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  • 275 US dollars

Service Description

As a trauma trained cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT) and, a certified clinical hypnotherapist I specialize in treating individuals 18 years and older with a wide range of conditions like depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger disorders, and Adult AD(H)D. I also treat a number of addictions including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, narcotic, pornography and sex addiction. My approach to addiction is based on the SMART Recovery Model (www.smartrecovery.org). This model, which is also based on the principles of CBT, emphasizes (1) Enhancing motivation; (2) Refusing to act on urges to use; (3) Managing life’s problems in a sensible and effective way without substances; and (4) Developing a positive, balanced, and healthy lifestyle. Frankly, the reason I mastered the CBT approach is that for many years it’s been the only psychotherapy that has consistently proven effective in clinical trials. The premise of CBT is relatively simple. It focuses on the idea that people can be taught to think and act in more rational (effective) ways. This approach not only provides a means of changing the ways individuals view themselves and their environment (cognitions), but also the way they act in that environment (behaviors). My book, entitled “Wise Up, Change is Hard: 8 Science-Based Steps for Making it Stick,” explains how CBT taken together with the SMART Recovery process can help you systematically go about overcoming both bad habits and, serious addictions. In addition to using CBT, I also use an innovative technique that I discovered while working inside a Hollywood Studio. I was sitting across from several writers and a producer discussing the different ways one of the characters on a popular television program might respond to a number of “hypothetical” challenges in her life. For the first time, it occurred to me that what was happening in the studio was very much like what happens in my clinics. As I answered questions about different scenarios the writers were editing the story line which would eventually be passed off to the actors in the form of a script. The actors would, in turn, rehearse their lines and play their parts. This is also true with my clients. They listen and think through my socratics questions and suggestions, and based on their insights they will change their “life script.”

Cancellation Policy

Because Dr. Cole is in a private, solo practice, he loses the full amount of the cost of your session if you decide to reschedule or cancel your appointment without giving us sufficient time to back-fill your scheduled appointment. Accordingly, we request a 24 hours notice for rescheduling or canceling an appointment. There is no charge for rescheduling or canceling an appointment prior to this 24-hour window of time. If you reschedule or cancel your session without a 24-hour notice we reserve the right to charge the credit card you have on file with our office the full amount of a clinic hour.

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