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Alive and Well


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Dr. Cole is President of Alive and Well Sports (A&WS). Although this organization is primarily aimed at helping professional athletes, we consider the Brain mapping and Neurotherapy services offered by A&WS to be essential in understanding the root cause(s) of what is bringing a person to therapy. Rather than simply using the symptoms reported by our clients as an indication of a mental illness, Dr. Cole uses the QEEG brain map to identify neurological factors that may be causing or contributing to the presenting problem. This allows Dr. Cole to determine whether the presenting issues (depression, anxiety, attention deficit, hyperactive disorder, and OCD, just to name a few) are biological, psychological, or both, which is more often than not the case. These services are especially helpful to those who are suffering from the physical or emotional trauma that has resulted in traumatic brain injury and/or PTSD.

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To this end, Dr. Cole may refer you to a Preferred Provider at A&WS who will perform a QEEG Brain-Map and develop a tailored Neurotherapy and Photobiomodulation Protocol that will, in turn, inform and augment his Trauma-Informed Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TI-MCBT) Protocols.

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Dr. Cole has found that this initial Brainmapping, Neurotherapy and Photobiomodulation process is not only an essential and integral step on the healing path, but often accelerates growth and healing across the board. This is especially true in cases where a history of trauma and/ or PTSD is present because in these cases, simply talking about problems without first identifying and providing supporting neurological therapies can actually make things much worse. 


To learn how to access this service contact Dr Cole directly at or 678-629.2578

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